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Kyoto is centrally located in western Japan, close to Osaka, Kobe and the ancient capital of Nara. The city is nestled among picturesque mountains and placid rivers. Since its establishment as the seat of the Imperial court late in the 8th century, Kyoto has prospered as a center of politics, commerce, culture and art.

Today, Kyoto is a modern metropolis with an international flavor, and perhaps nowhere else in Japan can one encounter so easily the past in the midst of an urban culture. Also, Kyoto is a clean and safe city, where visitors will feel at ease travelling around, on foot as well as via the network of punctual public transportation.

There are many shrines and temples and countless beautifully designed gardens in every part of the Kyoto, which have a long and rich history. You can experience Japanese culture first-hand just walking around the city. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities, from department stores to local shops selling myriad traditional goods. Kyoto cuisine is memorable, while you can also find cuisines from every corner of the world here.

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